Sustainability is the driving force of Refiniti's mission to create a greener and healthier world for future generations. 

Our novel technology can help usher in a circular climate neutral economy, in which plastic waste is recycled and incineration avoided. 




Aligning refiniti with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals:

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Good Health and Wellbeing

Reducing plastic mismanagement and needless land/water pollution with our chemical recycling technology leads to improve wellbeing and health, by giving more people globally access to clean water and natural environments.

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Decent Work and Economic Growth

Developing new plants to support our sustainable plastic recycling technologies directly creates local jobs for the local area, bringing social and economic benefits to the community.

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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Our technology shows how innovation can contribution to the solving of the plastic waste problem through local recycling solutions.

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Responsible Consumption and Production

We have worked on advocating the importance of circularity and the need to give waste polymer a new life, so that our planet's resources can be better utilised through a true circular economy for plastics.

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Climate Action

Chemical recycling supports climate action goals by reducing GHG emissions when compared to incineration and reducing the high risk of environmental leakage and unsustainable approach associated with landfills and dumpsites.







Refiniti's Long-Term Sustainability Goals


We are constantly innovating and improving on our technologies and design, maximising energy efficiency and minimising our impact on both our local environment and greater climate.


We continue to assess the impact of our technology and business development strategies, bringing about social benefits to the communities and societies at large.


We focus on establishing a strong culture with a clear purpose, where Refiniti actively contribute to a sustainable future. In doing so, we ensure that our team understand every decision we make, how our business development and ensure that every member of the team conduct all business transactions with integrity and honesty.

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